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  • Coloured plastic courier bags


    Envelopes are suitable for the safe sending of clothes, materials and other items.

    • Minimum order quantity 100 pcs. (1 package).
    • Color: yellow, PINK, blue metallic ect. (please follow our news).
    • Made from 50 or 60 mcr. LDPE foil.

    We also manufacture courier envelopes of different colors according to individual measurements.

  • Envelopes with air protection


    Bubble mailer envelope protects fragile objects when they are transported.

    • Bubble envelope’s inside is covered with bubble wrap.
    • Perfect for storing and handling semi-fragile valuables.
    • Self-seal envelopes.
    • Color: white or yellow.
    • The envelopes are sold in boxes (the quantity in the box is presented separately for each item).
  • Plastic courier bags


    This kind envelopes are made form 60-micron thick LDPE foil and are suitable for transporting clothes and other simple objects. Adhesive is strong, if the envelope will be opened the envelope will get damaged.

    • These earth-friendly mailers are from recycled material and fully biodegradable, with all print on the outer in environmentally-friendly water based ink.
    • Envelope’s inside is black and outer side is white.
    • They are waterproof, tear and puncture resistant, helping to reduce returns caused by damage in transit.
    • On the upper side has a strip for closing and on that strip has 1cm wide adhesive strip.
    • Specified dimensions: length x width mm.


    Clear self-adhesive clothing plastic packaging bags.

    It provides beautiful appearance for your product.

    These bags are perfect for holding clothing, cosmetics, electronic products, accessories,etc